Digsite Inventory/Menu

By: Jaina Modisett

Sprint Tasks

  • I spent the first sprint creating a working prototype of a grid based digsite inventory system, inspired by Diablo, though it ultimately ended up being scrapped.
  • This prototype as well as all the subsequent menus and systems use Widgets for the graphical elements and blueprints for everything else.

  • I spent sprint two creating a mock-up of the digsite menu that is currently in the game. I then integrated it with the digsite blueprints created by Jack. At this point the menu was in the game, but not fully functional. (below is the first prototype compared with the version that is in the game now).


  • I spent the third sprint making the digsite menu work properly: I made it so the player could retrieve items from the digsite, among other bugs and fixes. At this stage the digsite menu was completely functioning, though it only used mouse and keyboard input.

  • My final task of the quart is getting the menu working with controller input as well as keyboard and mouse. I’ve never worked with controller input in Unreal, so this has been more complicated than I expected. But that’s made it a learning experience.

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