Developing the Quest Manager

By: Alexis Lane (Programmer)

Quest System

  • Hooked up the quest system with Tony and Matt’s vision swapper system
    • Quests can now activate the material swapper when the quest is activated and turn off the material when the quest is completed
  • Spline quest
    • Quest is very akin to location quest except with a spline instead
  • Linking quests
    • Working w/ Christian to make the active quests into a doubly linked list so you can toggle through active quests to change what is the current quest
  • Started the fleeing character quest
    • Didn’t finish the NPC for the quest but the general framework is located on Discord
  • UI/UX redesign for the quest widget

Quest Plugin

  • Learning C++ for UE4
    • Researching into plugins that already exist to look for ideas
    • Learn how to spawn an object off a button press in Slate
    • Learn how to create a window and have it appear in the window and the top bar
    • Learn the difference between the class types of UE4
    • Learn the mode window vs popout window
  • This is a huge task and it will be ongoing for quite some time


  • Create an assassin character
  • Help w/ creating A* (minimally)
  • Started designing for animation blueprints
  • Debated over the ABS system

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