“The Lost Dog” Quest

By: Vincent Vallos (Quest Designer)

Implementing a Quest

I first needed to do research on quest design, sampling research from games like:

  • The Witcher
  • Skyrim
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • I chose these games to study quest design because they each have created a memorable experience, that rewards the player with story or lore, and a great experience.
  • I learned that this should be the minimum in how we reward our players. Abilities and items, are key to unlocking more content throughout the neighborhood area; but we also want to subdue the player with an experience and story.

I also did research on the three contextual elements of quest design:

  • I used this research and the documents Allen gave us to further explore the structure and reason for quests in our world. This research gave me ideas on how I wanted to structure my quest, and what I needed to add for the quest to work in context to our game.
  • The player and what a quest is to them, is entirely different than what a quest is for us as producers. To the player it is a challenge,  and then a reward. There needs to be an element that subdues the player into taking the challenge of the quest. .

Reference Docs:

Creating an Experience for the Player

I need to create an experience for the player:

  • Quest Design is a thing for creating an experience in our game. Here I decided what kind of an experience I want our player to have during the quest. I chose specific elements in how the quest will be structured.

The player needs to be guided through the quest:

  • This was challenging because we don’t have dialogue in the “Shadow that Provides”.
  • So I took the Pee Trail mechanic used in previous builds, to guide the player through an experience. The Pee Trail mechanic combos well with the mystery narrative I have for the quest. It also provides direction without NPC’s or dialogue.
  • Each spot in-between pee trails is setup for environmental story telling. This will keep the player interested in the narrative of the story, as it unravels.
  • Unique camera angles at each scene.

The player needs to be rewarded

  • The player should be rewarded for their experience, and in my quest there are various rewards; including an ability, a reveal to a mystery narrative, and access to more areas of the neighborhood environment.

Reference Docs:

Creating an Experience for “Shadow that Pervades”

My most important task when designing the quest, was that I had to make the quest fit in the over world created by Allen.

  • When creating my quest I decided that the environment will tell the story. I created points of interest around the neighborhood that connect, not only narratively but visually, via Pee Trail.
  • My quest is a story of a dog that is unwilling to change the world around him. He has been abused by his owner and neglected as a living creature. So one day he decides to run away from home. Rose will find the dogs collar and it will initiate “The Lost Dog” quest. This quest will have Rose unravel the path and mystery of what happened to the lost dog. 

I want to tell a story of change that never was. Rose is all about changing the world around her, so what if this other dog was just to scared of change and so it didn’t.

  • Allen initially talked about wanting spirits in the game.
  • When Rose finds the lost dog dead, the dogs spirit will teach Rose a new mechanic (Rope Climb), teaching her a lesson of change that he never learned in his life.
  • This mechanic will allow Rose to reach higher platforming spots, in spots marked with a rope is draped over the edge.

Reference Docs:


I am currently working in a sub level:

  • I have started mapping out the quest in my sub map.
  • Sent documents to Alexis to make quest items. We are specifically working on the Pee trail to make it a more accessible mechanic to implement in other quests.


  • I am working on different angles for the points of interest as talked about in the Camera Volumes/ Doc.
  • I also am doing research on more intimate camera views for when Rose interacts with some cinematic sequences. Also referenced in the same doc. This should be used for all Cinematic or story driven interactions but will be implemented in my quest.

Locked controls:

  • Third person over the shoulder view, slightly zoomed in (Ref. top right), to create a more personal view.
  • This way the player can not run out of view during important encounters, similar to the spirit encounter in “The Lost Dog”.

Rope Mechanic:

  • Tyler & I have sent in a request to make an obstacle that will allow Rose to jump to an higher obstacle. This will be represented as a rope dangled over an edge. This will entice the player to do a running jump up the wall, and finally a bite to grab the rope, supporting her crawl up the wall. Rose will gain this ability after completing “The Lost Dog” quest.

Problems/Hold ups/ Options

Well, Problems have main priority, but luckily there are not that many.

  • Art is currently backed up at the moment, do to focusing on environmental assets. This will delay some art models for the quest.
  • We do not have an NPC to interact with, as the Spirit.

Still learning how to work with camera volume.

  • Working with Sara in the future to look into Cinematic Camera idea.

An issue I face is that I will not be here next quarter.

  • I will need get a copy of the most recent build so I can continue to work on it at home.


This is a list of Extra Documents I made for the Studio throughout the quarter:


This is a collection of the character sheets that I have made and designed for playtesting purposes. I also made a base character sheet; that anyone in the studio should use when making a character. It is also a good template, with guidelines for creating a character.

Other unused documents for shadow that pervades

This document was supposed to be used for quest in the city level. It when unused when focused was pulled to our neighborhood level. Also this quest originally had dialogue planned, since then dialogue has been taken out of the game.

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