Rose Animations

By: Neelam Jani (Artist/Animator)


           In DePaul’s Game Studio, I was the animator of the main character, Rose in the project The Shadow that Pervades! This was a very intimidating project for me at first as I had never worked with a dog model and rig. However, the studio had given me a chance to put my skills into action! I had done a lot of in depth research on dog behavior, in regards to how they stand, walk, pace, and run. Even digging! It was very fun to get to watch multiple videos of dogs just
being…dogs! It was then I got to learn more and more how to work with the rig!

           In addition to The Shadow that Pervades, I’ve also got to work with Depaul Game Studio’s new project Killectibles! I am currently working on some character concepts of Magchonk, who is a large rock man. It’s been really interesting thinking of concepts for this as I’m more used to drawing regular humanoid people! I feel like at DePaul’s Game Studio, I was given a lot of opportunities to not only prove my skills, but also to get to work in an environment where creativity is important! It’s been so fun so far just getting to learn and try new things, explore different parts of the Game Art scene and working with an awesome group of people!

Rose Animation Reel

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