Making Music

By: Jazmin Reyes (Sound Designer)

           I had the honor of making music for this video game project. I have made these tracks using a program called MixCraft Pro 9. All of the tracks made are only to be used in this project. I will not be distributing it elsewhere, only showcasing it for portfolio.

           At the beginning of the quarter I spoke with Allen Turner and decided that the overall music genre would be a mix of urban and industrialized sound. We used music by Nine Inch Nails as a reference. Towards the end I had made a handful of industrialized tracks. All of these tracks are made to make the player feel uncomfortable or aware of their surroundings in game.

           There were also instances when I was asked to make ambient music. Music that would be used in loading screens or an idle state. To create that we went for a droning and spiritual type sound. In most of my ambient tracks you hear a thump similar to a heartbeat. Along with this you’ll hear a lot of soundscapes such as rain and thunder.


For the future:

           I hope to continue working on this project and producing more music for the game. I will stay in contact with Allen to assist as much as I am allowed to on the current project. Otherwise I will continue to make independent music for myself and any future projects.

To listen to audio samples go: here

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