Lighting Documentation

By: Samuel He (Designer, VFX)

        I created the general lighting for the cul de sac and the sewer level. For the cul de sac level I was told to create a foggy atmosphere during the day. The Lighting Is composed of the Skybox, a volumetric fog component, a sky light, and individual lights on objects. The atmospheric fog was created by increasing fog density and increasing the fog drop-off distance. The clouds are much more visable and sharper by increasing the cloud opacity value in the sky box, and the skylight was placed at a angle that would create more volumetric scattering and shadows when shone through the map. The level went through several lighting passes before getting the desired lighting. Volumetric point and spot lights were set up for various objects and the lighting intensity and volumetric setting determined the strength of the volumetrics.
        In the sewer level, the level mainly relies on the scattered flood lights and other light sources
scattered throughout the level. There is a volumetric fog component to give volumetric lighting. The
Initial floodlights in the start of the level have two different lights attached to them, a smaller more
focused rectangle light which had its volumetric value increased to display a beam of light, and a wider
lighter light that is used for illumination of the area outside of the beam of light around the spotlight. For
the floodlights set in the wall for the rest of the level they are lights with volumetric settings but toned
down. Certain lights were given a flicker material, as well as red point lights with a flicker for fires.

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