Rose Animations (Spring)

By: Neelam Jani (Artist/Animator)

During the Spring, I had the honor to have an independent study through the DePaul
Original Game Studio! This quarter was obviously very interesting, all due to Covid-19 having
all of us work from home. However, it taught me a lot about focusing on work, no matter where I
was! During my independent study, I worked on more animations of the main character, Rose. I
focused more on getting the jumps, and climbs done, in addition to doing more clean up! It was
tough having to work from home, with all the distractions around me, but it helped me learn to
put my focus in the class, as if I was at work! With our weekly meetings and getting to talk with
everyone, it’s been very inspiring to get to work with passionate teammates throughout this
quarter! We finished up strong and I’m proud of the work we all got done!

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