Production Process

By: Kailey V. Phan Mitchell (Producer)

        Since joining in November of 2018, I have helped develop a production timeline for this project, establish a team leads system to allow for productive communication and taught students a loose scrum pipeline. During, I helped professors Allen Turner and Will Meyers develop an atmosphere similar to one that someone can find in the gaming industry. I also worked closely with the team leads to help create timelines and tasks to have three well-polished levels.

        Using an online software called as our production software, I made sure all tasks, sprints, team members, and epics are maintained and updated. Since this software isn’t used in other classes I taught all team members how to use the software. This studio project follows a scrum framework where we have two-week sprints for certain milestones as well as overarching epics.

        Since there are so many people we have once a week check-in with the current active team members to discuss if there’s anything preventing progress and the progress of each team. I created google sheets that team leads can use as backlogs so they can see all the tasks they have for a certain amount of time. This also helps me populate the taiga .

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