First Quest Progress

By: Zach Poje (Quest Design Lead)         For Spring Quarter 2020, I have been hard at work learning new things and trying to figure out ways to… Read more

Sewer Art Lead Reflection

By: Kristen Misick (Art Lead)           During Spring Quarter 2020 each level concentrated solely on the Art aspect of our levels with the goal in mind… Read more

Underground Models

By: Andrew Clifft (Designer)        So to start out this quarter we were assigned into each group, Last quarter I was the quest designer for the underground and… Read more

Texturing Models

By: Nelson Schneider (Designer) The time for this Spring quarter is slowly coming to a close. And though it went by quickly, managed to contribute a lot to the Shadow… Read more

Art Lead Reflections

By: Janani Hariharan (Art Lead)         This quarter I served as the Art Lead for one of levels in the game, the Cul De Sac level. This… Read more

Underground Sewer Models

By: Mateusz Hyc (Designer) Hey everyone reading, my name is Matt Hyc and for DePaul OGS I was a 3D Artist for the game Shadow That Pervades. I am a… Read more

Exporting Substance Texture to UE4 and Material Creation

By: Scott Jonske (Visual Effects Artist)

Cul-de-Sac Level Design Process

By: Tyler Houston (Level Designer) Introduction            Hello everyone, and thanks for reading my level design documentation for The Shadow that Pervades!        … Read more

VFX List

By: Scott Jonske (Visual Effects Artist) Sound Burst System A particle effect used for when Rose is in the “audio vision mode”, ment to grab the player’s attention and bring… Read more

Making Music

By: Jazmin Reyes (Sound Designer)            I had the honor of making music for this video game project. I have made these tracks using a program… Read more