“You cannot steal a rose’s beauty, even if you cover it with thorns.”

      Rose is a mystical dog that fell from the sky. The people of Rose’s world have faded, shifting from form and laughter, to mere shadow and memory. Rose is now alone, beginning to fade with each passing day. However, she has yet to completely disappear. Somehow, she is connected to the unseen spirits of this world. Rose is special. She can see these beings beginning to populate the once dense world around her. Among the spirits one stands out among the rest. This one is known as the Shadow That Pervades.

      It whispers to Rose and frightens her into submission. As Rose struggles against the fate that has started to envelop her, she soon realizes the Shadow That Pervades is the cause of her world’s demise. Its fingers are everywhere, unraveling the threads that connect every little thing. It poisons people, places, and event the spirits of the world. It is an evil that will not rest until everything fades and the world is drowned in silence.

      As Rose finds motion, she discovers another powerful magic – bonds. She befriends those who give her a greater perspective of the word, and the fate of the Shadow That Pervades. As Rose brings more and more light to the world, she discovers connections that she did not expect. The ancient spirits that dwell within the center, reach out for her. These forces exist to create, and maintain, the bonds of life.

      The Rhythm and The Motion are one of the many ways that Creation, as we know it, perceives itself. It is one thing. It is one way. But it composes, even as it too is composed of many parts. There are four known elements of The Rhythm and The Motion composed of a multitude of particles, and possibilities. These parts – known as The Sway – are as follows: The Light That Endures, The Darkness That Begins, The Warmth That Sees, and The Frost That Renews. They are manifestations of spirit that keeps all things in motion.

      The Shadow That Pervades has been chipping away at The Sway, taking all that is natural and twisting it into an unraveling dissonance. The force corrupts spirits, creatures, and even humans, distorting them until they are no longer themselves. It causes them to act against their nature. It drives their hearts to retreat further and further until they fade from existence, while the world becomes quieter and quieter.

      As Rose builds her connections with The Sway, they teach her the deep mysteries that will allow her to stand against the force that has destroyed this world. The spirits teach Rose how to stay in motion, always one step ahead of the Shadow That Pervades. They teach her to move, climb, jump, and maneuver to find the secrets of the Shadow so she may finally understand how to cease its destruction. Rose learns to use her abilities to restore the world from the chaos brought by the Shadow. In doing so, she begins to create new bonded circles of creatures that span far and wide. As new circles are formed, new energy is created, allowing them to reclaim territories of heart and space, and restore sovereignty to the mind.

      As she fights against evil, the spirits whisper to Rose that she just might find her way back home when this all comes to an end.