Rose Animations

By: Neelam Jani (Artist/Animator) Reflections            In DePaul’s Game Studio, I was the animator of the main character, Rose in the project The Shadow that Pervades!… Read more

Quest Plugins

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer) Quest System: These are some things that I worked on in the quest system: Spline Quest This is a new quest that was made where the… Read more

Playtesting and Bug Finding

By: Rob Moreno (3D Artist)          During the winter quarter of the DePaul Game Studio I was assigned the main task of diving into play testing aspects… Read more

Vision Mode Update and Killectables ABS

By: Tony Marino (Programmer) Vision Mode System           This quarter I ended up splitting work between the two different projects. On Shadow Pervades I maintained and… Read more

“The Lost Dog” Quest

By: Vincent Vallos (Quest Designer) Implementing a Quest I first needed to do research on quest design, sampling research from games like: The Witcher Skyrim Red Dead Redemption I chose… Read more

Developing the Quest Manager

By: Alexis Lane (Programmer) Quest System Hooked up the quest system with Tony and Matt’s vision swapper system Quests can now activate the material swapper when the quest is activated… Read more

Quest Breakdown

By: Zach Poje (Quest Design Lead) Quest Direction and Construction            For this quarter, I designed two quests to expand on what I had done last… Read more

Bird Quest Outline

By: Ryan Gaddis (Designer) Opening Bird Quest Outline            With this being my first quarter working on Shadow that Pervades, I spent a pretty solid part… Read more

Neighborhood Narrative Outline

By: Zach Poje (Quest Design Lead)            Rose awakes to find herself chained up within her doghouse. She is groggy and takes a couple of moments… Read more

3D Modeling and Rigging

By: Arthur Luo (3D Modeling and Rigging) 3D Models Sewer Pipes Pack: Thick pipe – cross variant Thick pipe – hard 90 variant Thick pipe – hard 90 broken variant… Read more