Underground Models

By: Andrew Clifft (Designer)

       So to start out this quarter we were assigned into each group, Last quarter I was the quest designer for the underground and so this quarter I continued in that role, luckily nothing had changed with our level so our quest stayed the same. I had trouble at the start of the quarter because I did not have all the software needed but within the first week I got it all under control. So throughout this quarter I created 3D models for the items that were requested of me. Below are some models I created and put inside of the game engine

        This quarter because the underground is split into 2 areas we put a lot of focus on the first area but while everyone was putting focus on the first area I took some time to mess with the block out for the 2nd level area and began to populate it with some stuff unfortunately Allen asked for us to put more focus on the polish for the 1st part (makes sense). However it is my plan to work on polishing the second part during the summer when I have the time to do so.

      Click here to see my documentation for what my plan is for the quest inside of the 2nd level area.

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