Production Process

By: Kailey V. Phan Mitchell (Producer)         Since joining in November of 2018, I have helped develop a production timeline for this project, establish a team leads… Read more

(Cul-de-Sac) Lever Designer Lead Reflection

By: Tyler Houston (Level Design Lead) Tyler Houston shares his experience as a level designer for The Shadow that Pervades during DePaul’s Spring 2020 quarter.   Introduction Hello everyone, and… Read more

Cul-de-sac 2D/3D Assets

By: Gina Griza (Artist)         Throughout the quarter, I worked on details for the Cul de Sac level, which included 2D decals for texturing, as well as… Read more

(City) Level Design Lead Reflection

By: Rob Moreno (Level Design Lead/Artist)         This has been my third quarter with DePaul Originals Game Studios; throughout my time with the studio every opportunity has… Read more

Killectables: Saving Between Scenes

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer)   Killectibles: Save Character Selection/Save Data Between Levels The basic structure I have found to save data between levels, such as saving character selectionfrom one level to… Read more

Texturing and Modeling

By: Ryan Gaddis (Designer) This quarter was vastly different from the previous quarter, and I felt like I knew what I was doing better than last quarter. This quarter, I… Read more

City Level Documentation

By: Ataberk Uran (Level Designer), and Rob Moreno (3D Artist/Level Designer) Our tasks specifically for this quarter was to completely overhaul and redesign a new more compact city space. At… Read more

Rose Animations (Spring)

By: Neelam Jani (Artist/Animator) During the Spring, I had the honor to have an independent study through the DePaulOriginal Game Studio! This quarter was obviously very interesting, all due to… Read more

(Sewers) Level Designer Lead Reflection

By: Matt Lopez (Level Design Lead)         I’m Matthew Lopez, lead designer of the Underground level for The Shadow That Pervades Spring Quarter 2020. Despite all the… Read more

Lighting Documentation

By: Samuel He (Designer, VFX)         I created the general lighting for the cul de sac and the sewer level. For the cul de sac level I… Read more