Killectables: Saving Between Scenes

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer)

Killectibles: Save Character Selection/Save Data Between Levels

The basic structure I have found to save data between levels, such as saving character selection
from one level to another level, is the following:
1st. The CharacterSelectWindow widget will collect all the data within itself in an array structure.

For now I was using strings, in the future it will need to enums.

2nd. Once the continue button is pressed in the CharacterSelect widget, it will call a function

called “SaveCharacterSelect” within the current game mode (BP_CharacterSelectMode)

3rd. The CharacterSelectMode will get the game instance and called “SaveCharacterSelect” and
copy the data from the array parameter. The game instance will hold an array of the player’s
characters. The character spawner will need to read these values from the game instance to know
which characters are selected.

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