Killectables: Saving Between Scenes

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer)   Killectibles: Save Character Selection/Save Data Between Levels The basic structure I have found to save data between levels, such as saving character selectionfrom one level to… Read more

Debug Output System

By: Sara Asumussen (Programmer)

Swimming Demo

By: Sara Asumussen (Programmer) This is the fist iteration of the swimming volume. Have fun!

Spline Quest Tutorial

By: Alexis Lane (Programmer) In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up the spline quest utilizing premade spline effects, a quest activator, and a quest goal deactivator

Ambient AI

By: Monica Fan (Designer/Programmer)            The goal of ambient AI is to create a believable environment for the game. The characters do not have to have… Read more

Learning Unreal

By: Jesse Kives (Programmer)            Before I began this class, I had a little bit of knowledge on how the unreal engine works. I knew more… Read more

Quest Plugins

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer) Quest System: These are some things that I worked on in the quest system: Spline Quest This is a new quest that was made where the… Read more

Vision Mode Update and Killectables ABS

By: Tony Marino (Programmer) Vision Mode System           This quarter I ended up splitting work between the two different projects. On Shadow Pervades I maintained and… Read more

Revised Camera Volume Demo

Revised Camera Volume Demo

By: Sara Asmussen (Programmer) We found that combining all of our old camera volumes into one makes the new master volume more flexible and easier to iterate on. So going… Read more

Jan 9, 2020: Sound Particle Test

Jan 9, 2020: Sound Particle Test

A first past test of our in-game sound particle.