Quest Plugins

By: Christian Durtschi (Programmer)

Quest System:

These are some things that I worked on in the quest system:

  • Spline Quest
    • This is a new quest that was made where the dog will follow a pee trail to the quest object that needs to be completed.
    • Same setup as Location Quest and Fetch Quest except the Spline Quest does not have a Goal object.
  • Quest System and Vision System integration
    • The vision system now works with the quest system. When a quest is active then the objects associated with that quest will appear in the vision system. It is the same way that you use the vision system on objects expect you pass in the quest name in the material swapper component.


This is some research on plugins that I have found:

  • IModuleInterface::StartupModule (Called during engine start up or whenever you load this plugin)
  • FModeToolkit::Init (Called every time that you open the plugin)
  • FEdMode::Enter (Called immediately after Init)
  • FEdMode::Exit (Called when click away from your tab plugin or you close the engine)
  • IModuleInterface::ShutdownModule (Called if you close the engine with this open)
  • Here are the major stages of a default plugin “IModuleInterface” is the parent that controls the whole plugin. Any memory that is created once and used for the whole lifetime should appear here.
  • FEdMode” is the sub class who decides what to do when the plugin enters or exits the view.
  • FModeToolkit” deals with Slate


There are 4 types of modules:


My Test Plugin:

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