Carrying Items

By: Jack O’Neal

           This quarter I improved and expanded the system I put together in fall that lets rose carry items. At the start of this quarter, Rose could pick up, carry, and store items, but only it was only a single blueprint, and the item had no physics. Now, anything can be made into an item by attaching an item component to it and fiddling with some controls. Rose could theoretically carry a building in her mouth if you set it up right! I wouldn’t recommend it though since physics now also work so dropping an item make it fall from her mouth until it hits the ground. I also created a fun hidden item object that has an item pop out of the ground when rose digs near it.

Next Quarter

           For final improvements I’d mostly want to figure out a pipeline for artist and modelers so we can make items that are fully textured and the correct position and shape for Rose to hold them, as well as add some animations for picking items up and holding them in her mouth. Currently, they just sorta stick to her tongue and clip through her mouth.

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