The Drawing Board (Creature Concepts)

By: Justin Endaya (Artist)

Drawing Shadow Creatures

           My purpose throughout the time I spent in class was to design concept art. I joined the class a week later than everyone, so I was a little behind on the idea of what was going on. I was told about the idea of the different types of creatures I needed to design with my group and I just started sketching random things quickly. The three designs I was assigned to were “The Warmth That Sees”, “The Darkness That Begins”, “The Frost That Renews”.

            I first started sketching the warmth that sees and thought of a design like an eye ball with some other bodily features. I chose to use an eye because as the name implies, it sees. Around the eye I added a bright aura that would resemble the warmth. For extra details to make it look a little weird or monster-like, I added hands that weren’t attached.

           After working on the warmth that sees, I worked on the darkness that begins. I started by thinking about what each part of the name meant. A darkness would simply be that its dark, the “begins” portion I thought it would be a good idea to do a baby. Then I sketched out a baby figure with symbols that have a bright color like they are illuminating. Then thought that I could sketch the baby covered in a blanket, with a dark base color to it but also adding symbols or shapes to it that have bright color to make them stand out.

           The next design was the Frost that renews. Of the sketches I made I feel that I had the most issues with drawing this one. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make this look. When I first sketched it out, I made a tall looking figure with long arms and legs. To me I picture tall trees and a forest that in the winter when I think of the cold, which is what helped me create my sketch. Talking to Allan, he suggested that I add more arms. I added such arms then he suggested that I make the design different, less human. So I designed a spider-like humanoid figure. That was scrapped and Allan suggested that it should be a turtle, like the one from the Avatar: the last air bender. I started the sketch and changed the city, that was initially on the back of the one in the show, into a ice block with a flower in it. I drew a lotus flower, to symbolize plant life and plant life justs shows growth or progression, which I would go together with the idea of renewal. To further represent the frost in the name, I added a bit of snow on the top of the ice block. Later if I am able to take this class again next quarter, I will further sketch and design these characters and hopefully get them to be in the game.

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