VFX List

By: Scott Jonske (Visual Effects Artist)

  • Sound Burst System
    • A particle effect used for when Rose is in the “audio vision mode”, ment to grab the player’s attention and bring them to objects of interest.
  • Sparks Burst
    • A burst of sparks used in failing light fixtures in the underground/sewer level, and possibly other areas in the game.
  • Steam and Steam Tight
    • Two different steam effects that can be used for the underground level. One is a wider burst of steam for a bigger pipe, another is a tighter spread of steam for a smaller pipe.
  • Speed Effect
    • Lines that spawn along the side of the player when they are sprinting at top speed. Currently not in a shippable state, but functions mostly the way that it is intended. Would want to change the actual line asset in the future to something more fitting.
  • Fire 
    • Basic cartoon stylized fire that can be used for multiple things in the future, such as burn barrels or a fire pit, or whatever. 
  • Shadow Enemy Design Concept
    • A concept of a material and smoke particle system for enemies in the game. Currently is testable/viewable and looks rather cool. Uses a custom material I made for the skin and a custom particle effect for smoke spawning off of the models body, semi-dynamically. 
  • Neighborhood Material Conversion and Creation
    • Imported and set up all the materials for the neighborhood level. More textures still need to be imported, and others need to be touched up as the UV mapping is not quite right, probably an issue in Substance/Maya. 
  • Niagara Presentation
    • Not sure to include this or not in the reflection but thought I should mention it to be safe. Gave a presentation on Niagara particle effects to other students and staff. The presentation gave a basic understanding of where particle effects are used in general, and walked through and created a couple basic particle effects in the engine.

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