Underground Sewer Models

By: Mateusz Hyc (Designer)

Hey everyone reading, my name is Matt Hyc and for DePaul OGS I was a 3D Artist for the game Shadow That Pervades. I am a designer by major, but I took on the role of the 3D artist because that one of the roles the studio needed most at the time.

I worked primarily on making assets for the Underground (Sewers) level. As many others is the design program I was taught how to use the tools need to model and animate assets for games, but it was not one something that I would practice regularly. The tool I used most of the time to model was Blender 2.8 because it is an open source tool and sometimes I used Maya. I had more experience using Maya, but for the sake of ownership of assets I used Blender. I already somewhat knew how to navigate Blender because I have been introduced to it, but in no sense was I completing models in at a good rate.

For the texturing of the models I used 3D Substance by Adobe. I’ve never used substance before, but with the help of Janani and Scott’s videos I had a good idea of how to use the tools. With that I just took my time using the tool and learning it and how to best use it for the assets that I would be creating.

I would also like to thank my leads Kristen Misick and Matt Lopez for helping get use to this work environment and their feedback and communication.

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