First Quest Progress

By: Zach Poje (Quest Design Lead)

        For Spring Quarter 2020, I have been hard at work learning new things and trying to figure out ways to make this game better. The first sprint covered some basic groundwork for the rest of the quarter. Some final edits were made to the script and an updated assets list was created, along with a reference folder. This is where I researched how to use the sequencer on a basic level. Sprint 2 is where the learning really started to pick up. Within this two-week period, I was tasked with creating a storyboard and outline for our programmers to design a new quest system. I also began implementing the sequencer. On the side, I was teaching myself a different quest and UI system to hopefully implement later on. Sprint 3 is where a bulk of the work got done. This is where I created the new, written-up documentation for the second quest. The script and story needed some adjustments, so this is where that occurred. I took this sprint to populate the space. Several of the backyards including the large yard with the tree through the fence, the house with the opening garage door, and other random places had adjustments to bring life and realism to the neighborhood. This is the sprint where Tyler and I worked on all sorts of new interactions for Rose. I designed the rip and tear mechanic with the trash bag, a new dig site that the dog can dig through, a new cinematic, and a compilation of ideas to work on next to Tyler. Sprint 4 saw the polishing of the first quest and a first and second pass on quest two. I wanted quest two to be fully realized by the end of the quarter, but many different factors slowed the process and it will just have to be completed at a later date. Lots of things have been fixed and polished over the last few weeks. New art assets have been added to make things look nicer, cinematics have been cleaned up and mapped to their correct quest states, dialogue is in the game, and the first quest is done. I have even been able to implement the smell vision mode successfully with the dig site and the quest object with its particle.


        The images and gif below are the before state of the first quest. This is how it looked prior to this quarter, with some of the work from the early sprints (these images also served as the storyboard for the programmers). 

The images below are the after results of the quarter. This is what ten weeks of hard work and collaboration have created.

This video runs through the first quest: 

Images for backyards that I populated. The one above shows the set up for quest two, however, the only thing mapped to it is the sequence for the garage door in its current state.

The images below are from the quest and UI system that I was working on on the side:

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