City Level Models

By: Spiro Tsaggaris (3D Designer)

DGS Documentation

During my Spring Quarter at DePaul, I joined DGS in development of their ongoing project via the Topics in Game Design Class. I was assigned as a member of the City Level Group. During this time, I completed tasks as a 3D artist and Level Designer.


3D Modeling in Autodesk Maya:

Task: Model Traffic-related objects to be used in the City Level. Objects had to fit certain dimensions and poly-count. This was a good opportunity for me to brush up on my skills in Autodesk Maya while receiving feedback from more knowledgeable modelers on my team.


Level Design in Unreal Engine:

Task: Create the basic layout and structure of the Parking Garage Third Floor, City Level. I was assigned a partner to work with on a section of our team’s level. Working with my partner we constructed the theme of a post-apocalypse marketplace.


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