Quest Breakdown

By: Zach Poje (Quest Design Lead)

Quest Direction and Construction

           For this quarter, I designed two quests to expand on what I had done last quarter. I iterated on the fetch quest to make it fit the world and the narrative more. I also designed our tutorial and how that would hopefully play out in the main game upon completion.

           A lot of the work this quarter came down to construction of new quests and challenging myself on how to design a better quest. That work came in the form of more complex quest design that factored in more of what Tyler had envisioned. It became a much more collaborative process.

           This quarter offered new challenges in the form of leading the quest designers and truly designing for the playspace that the player would be inhabiting. A lot of days in the studio were spent collaborating and discussing how we wanted this first level to look and feel. I also did my best as the Lead Quest Designer to check in with every quest designer every week to see what they needed and to bounce ideas off of.

           From our discussions, I was able to put together a Narrative for our Neighborhood level that runs through the ideal scenario of the final iteration. It incorporates every quest that we created together for the level and has a story that follows those questlines. Vince helped me to finalize a few of the pieces at the end. This helped to focus my design, as well as give the other designers a better picture as to what this level could actually be.

Plans for Next Quarter

         I would love to work with the narrative of this game more. I’m very interested in this world that we are creating and I want to push our story forward. I would also like to see our first level to completion. There is a lot of great potential in this Neighborhood. Vince, Ryan, Tyler, and myself have all done a lot of work to create a vision and I know we’d all love to see that become a reality.


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