Exporting Substance Texture to UE4 and Material Creation

By: Scott Jonske (Visual Effects Artist)

Ambient AI

By: Monica Fan (Designer/Programmer)            The goal of ambient AI is to create a believable environment for the game. The characters do not have to have… Read more

Cul-de-Sac Level Design Process

By: Tyler Houston (Level Designer) Introduction            Hello everyone, and thanks for reading my level design documentation for The Shadow that Pervades!        … Read more

VFX List

By: Scott Jonske (Visual Effects Artist) Sound Burst System A particle effect used for when Rose is in the “audio vision mode”, ment to grab the player’s attention and bring… Read more

Making Music

By: Jazmin Reyes (Sound Designer)            I had the honor of making music for this video game project. I have made these tracks using a program… Read more

Duties as Art Director

By: Janani Hariharan (Art Director and 3D Artst) Winter Quarter            This quarter I served as art director and lead 3D artist. My role as 3D… Read more

Carrying Items

By: Jack O’Neal            This quarter I improved and expanded the system I put together in fall that lets rose carry items. At the start of… Read more

The Drawing Board (Creature Concepts)

By: Justin Endaya (Artist) Drawing Shadow Creatures            My purpose throughout the time I spent in class was to design concept art. I joined the class… Read more

Creating Textures

By: John Colon (Texture Guy) Substance Painter How it Starts At first, I was a bit nervous trying to completely learn a new software at the same time juggle with… Read more

Learning Unreal

By: Jesse Kives (Programmer)            Before I began this class, I had a little bit of knowledge on how the unreal engine works. I knew more… Read more